Sunday, August 23, 2009

How To Be Goth - Part I - The Music

Step I - Listen to Gothic Music
Most modern Goths don't even know about The Bauhaus, let alone Joy Division or The Sisters of mercy. While a Goth can listen to any genre of music s/he so chooses, it's best to at least know of bands that started the Gothic Subculture.
I have written a list of some the of the best original Goth bands below:

Echo and The Bunnymen
Joy Division
The Cure
Clan of Xymox
Siouxsie & the Banshees
45 Graves
The Church
Cocteau Twins
Depeche Mode
The Mission U.K
The Sisters of Mercy
Fields of the Nephilim,
The Cult
Christian Death
The Birthday Party
Corpus Delecti
The Damned
Dead can Dance
Gene Loves Jezebel
Mephisto Walz
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Rozz Williams
Rosetta Stone
Sex Gang Children,
Tones on Tales
Virgin Prunes
Two Witches
Flesh For Lulu
Love and Rockets

I have made a youtube playlist of some of the mentioned bands as a sample of what this music sounded like:

However Goths do not only listen to Dark-Wave, many modern metal or modern alternative bands are popular amongst Goths including:

The 69 Eyes
The Rasmus,
Lacuna Coil,
London After Midnight,
Type O Negative
Emilie Autumn
Lacrimus Profundre
Icon And The Black Roses

And even sometimes
Sixx: AM
Nine Inch Nails
Marilyn Manson
Rob Zombie

However the previous seven bands are not Goth, they are in some cases appreciated by Goths.

Part 2 - How To Dress Goth. (Coming Soon)