Sunday, August 23, 2009

How To Be Goth - Part II - Dress Goth

Dress Goth
There are so many styles for a Goth to choose from and now that you know the basics of Gothic music, it's time to dress the part. The first thing you should do is find out what style suits you (pardon the pun.) I prefer combat boots and a black trench coat, but with so many different styles, one can easily decide what works best for him or her.
Some Goth types include:
Traditional Goth
Romantic Goth
Victorian Goth
Medevil Goth
Goth Punk
Cyber Goth
Mopey Goth
Rivet Head Goth
Metalhead Goth
Baby Bat is a humorous approach at the types of Goth, with good explanations for all of them.

After choosing your style or styles, go to to find the clothes you want to purchase.

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Note: Also consider making your own clothes, or go to a thrift shop. Hot Topic is not a good choice unless buying one or two accessories.