Friday, August 21, 2009

Johnny Depp Plays Vampire in New Burton Film

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp love working with each other. The two have collaborated on seven films together, including hits like Edward Scizzorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the upcoming Alice in Wonderland. Now, Depp has professed his desire to turn a childhood obsession into a movie, and Tim Burton will help him get it there.

Dark Shadows was a hit television show in the late '60s, and featured everything from witches and werewolves to zombies, vampires and time travel. It's no wonder the dark and brooding Depp was such a fan.

"I was obsessed with (lead character) Barnabas Collins," said the actor, after confirming the film at this year's Comic Con. "I have photographs of me holding Barnabas Collins’ posters when I was five or six."

And director Tim Burton confirmed the film's production as well. "That’s the plan," he said. "There was something very weird about (Dark Shadows), it had the weirdest vibe to it. I’m sort of intrigued about that vibe. It’s early days on it, but I’m excited about it."

So with the release of next year's Alice in Wonderland, you can rest assured that your supply of Depp and Burton won't run out any time soon.